Your AcroSF ticket helps Lu Yi, an American Circus Legend

Lu Yi, an American Circus Legend

A portion of every AcroSF ticket will go to Lu Yi. We’re raising funds to fund his treatment and to allow Lu Yi to visit his home in China one last time while he is still mobile.

Lu Yi has trained some of the best circus performers in the world; now he needs our help. Lu Yi has Parkinson’s disease, a cruel irony for a man who’s dedicated his life to the art of human bodies doing superhuman feats.

Like many in the San Francisco circus community, the organizers of AcroSF are former students of Lu Yi, and current students of his protege. We’re incredibly honored and filled with stoke that Lu Yi’s protege Xiaohong Weng will be teaching acrobatics (with his longtime acro partner Jennings) and handstands (with the inimitable Jiggidy Jives) at AcroSF. Learning from Xiaohong is a participation in a century of circus history.

Learn more about Lu Yi here. Support him by buying a ticket to Acro SF 2018.