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Friday, March 15

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Walking tour of San Francisco to do acro and take photographs in front of famous San Francisco landmarks

Saturday, March 16

Session One 9:00-10:30am

sClass TitleTeacher 1Teacher 2DescriptionPrerequisites
1Beginner L-base popsSelysa LoveTailored Acro This goes into the finer points of what makes pops occur, how each person generates power, stability, grace, and a soft landing so you can keep doing them forever. This is a great choice for those who are looking to start pops, or for those who are looking to refine and really dial in their pops.Bird, throne, whale
2Intermediate L-base and standing reverse hand to handRoss AndersonJasmine RoseExploring entrances& exits to L-base RH2H + Standing RH2HL-base H2H 10 seconds
3Intermediate standing entrancesAriel MihicLiz WilliamsLearn some fun entrances to unique standing acrobatic posesThigh stand, two high, standing tuck sit or front support
4Advanced front rotating icarianJoshua RomeoSara Musial RomeoTechnique, progressions, and spotting for front rotating icarian skills. The class will work through various pops and build up to icarian front tucks with students working at progressions within their skill level.Forward roll on floor, solid L-base bird, throne, star

Session Two 11:00-12:30pm

sClass TitleTeacher 1Teacher 2DescriptionPrerequisites
1Beginner dance acrobaticsEric Blood Miyoko Rifkin Learn 4-5 acrobatic dance combinations that get linked into a choreographed flow to music. None
2Intermediate standing flows with crocZac Diener Alex Witte High croc and more! Various entries and exits. Standing flows, as well as fun and challenging transitions to and from other standing tricks! We will focus on alignment and technique. Familiarity with L-base croc Screen reader support enabled.
3Intermediate Icarian FoundationsLeyla LarkinJohn Larkin Working on pops for a while and ready to really train Icarian? Check out all the tips and tricks we have learned over the years to train smarter and get better faster. 6+ months of acro, comfortable base or fly: pop from bird to throne with hands & throne to reverse f2h
4Advanced standing toe pitching Adam Hiner Jenna Hollow Toe pitching is such a versatile skill. It is a really great way to get into standing from the ground or to just toss your flyer really freaking high. We will be working towards a unique toe pitching skill that is really fun. In the progressions we will walk you through a series of different toe pitches, each their own stand alone skill. Standing Foot to Hand – no walking

Session Three 1:30-3:00pm

sClass TitleTeacher 1Teacher 2DescriptionPrerequisites
1Beginner capoeiraZach FishLearn basic to advanced acrobatics floor movements from capoeira. Also, some traditional partner flips from that discipline will be taught.None
2Beginner L-base washing machinesAriel MihicLiz WilliamsThere is a sequence of movements that start and end in the same position, which is called washing machine. There are many different washing machines. We'll explore some.30 second wall handstand
3Intermediate counterbalancesSerena TangNatalie Brewster NguyenExplore creative counterbalances, handstands on all the things, and interchanging roles with similar-size players. Play with strange, sexy mounts, dismounts, and transitions.Supported handstand on ankles, thigh stands, cartwheel to straddle bat, 2 high
4Advanced standing cannonballsRyan Lee GibsonCannonballs to hand to hand and entrances to cannonball.

Session Four 3:30-5:00pm

sClass TitleTeacher 1Teacher 2DescriptionPrerequisites
1Beginner acrobatic spinning and juggling (*bring a prop)Zach FishLearn acrobatic movements that integrate well with any juggling or spinning prop. These movements can be done with hoops, juggling clubs, poi, staff. Also a fun all levels tumbling class for those who do not juggle or spin. Bring your own propNone
2Intermediate L-base pop whips Ross Anderson Jasmine Rose Linking icarian pops with different whips + learning to pop your whips Swan Dive & Icarian bird to Throne, Throne to Bird
3Intermediate handstands Serena TangAndré Newman Explore each other’s bodily ledges and put a handstand on it! We’ll be playing with wacky supported handstands and inversions on less traditional body parts. 30 sec handstand against the wall supported handstand on base’s ankles (base supports shoulders or biceps)
4Advanced L-base russian rolls Charles Green Alyssa Arroyo Learn drills, progressions and spotting for Russian Rolls 30 second FTH for flier and base

Sunday, March 17

Session One 9:00-10:30am

sClass TitleTeacher 1Teacher 2DescriptionPrerequisites
1Beginner clowning Molly Kate Holsinger Shara Tonn Using play and physicality to build characters from the outside in. None
2Beginner L-base flow Micki Mooney Jeremy Martin Learn a new l-base flow to add fluidity to your movement Bird, throne, whale
3Intermediate group L-base and standing Josh Romeo, Sara Musial Danny Smith, Aniane Smith Getting high and low with a little help from your friends - Mixing and transitioning between L-base and standing acro with multiple partners. Solid L-base and standing foot-to-hand; Suggested hand-to-hand for more advanced progressions
4Advanced standing hand-to-hand Brian Kincher-Winoto Kina Kincher-Winoto This class will get you beyond standing H2H - it’s only the beginning! Be ready to work hard and learn the technique for Yogi (seven), arch (Mexican or hollow back) and flag shapes. Bases and flyer will also learn their roles in getting to extended H2H. Standing H2H, preferably have done with more than one partner

Session Two 11:00-12:30pm

sClass TitleTeacher 1Teacher 2DescriptionPrerequisites
1Beginner thai massage J Miles To be providedNone
2Intermediate standing dance lifts Kraig N Mead Angela Bryant Dynamic dance lifts use momentum and tempo to launch a dancer. In this class we will explore how to use timing and tempo to create height and grace in your dance acro. Standing angel and butterfly
3Intermediate L-base and standing flow The AcroSmiths Danny & Aniane Smith Flow Like Lava: A Standing & L Based Mixed Flow (Int+) We love to put together things that transition between L-Based and Standing Acrobatics. Sometimes its easy, but not this time. This flow is molten HOT, can you keep from melting? Standing High Bird. L Base shoulderstand
4Advanced L-base asymmetrical holds and isolations Kelly Thayer Anya Taraboulsy A flow Anya and Kelly created during a fun creative sess. We'd like to share this process with you. This flow includes new contact points, opportunities to take away contact points, and asymmetrical holds. It'll focus on body isolation, balance, and strengthening your transitions. We hope to inspire creative choreography and communication in your future L-Base jam sessions. Comfortable shoulder stand for 30 seconds, Needle for 3 seconds, 3 rounds of Regular Ninja Star, Straddle Bat step up to Star

Session Three 1:30-3:00pm

sClass TitleTeacher 1Teacher 2DescriptionPrerequisites
1Beginner massage Jaimie Harrow Nothing feels better than a well-placed elbow after a long day of acro! Come and learn from a Physical Therapist the best ways to take care of your partners. We'll explore the most essential muscles to release for bases and flyers and you'll learn techniques you can apply all over the body. No experience necessary. None
2Intermediate standing dance Tad Merrell Micki Mooney Standing bird, 2-high box drill
3Beginner L-base needles Christopher Filkins Kelly Thayer 30 second handstand against the wall
4Advanced standing pitching Brian Kincher-Winoto Kina Kincher-Winoto Dynamic standing acro is really just jumping and landing - with some fancy stuff in between. Let’s learn some dynamic skill that can be done safely and challenge those who are ready! Toe-pitch, boost, and reverse foot to hand will be covered. Comfortable jumping and landing with or without support. If you can comfortably jump from something as high as a picnic table, this class is perfect for you!

Open Jam 3:30-5:00pm

sClass TitleTeacher 1Teacher 2DescriptionPrerequisites
1Open Jam


90 minute sessions per day!


Classes to choose from per session!


Teacher-led classes!

Types of classes

Floor: handstands, counter balances, tumbling, juggling, yoga, dance, creative process, therapeutics

L base: icarian, flows, needles, pops, therapeutics, washing machines, whips, slacro

Standing: cheer, dance lifts, F2H, H2H, star, trios

Movement: stunting, how to fall safely, parkour/ninja, capoeira, poi

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1 Beginner L-base pops Selysa Love Taylored Acro Bird, throne, whale
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