AcroSF 2018 Performance – SF Acro & Movement Festival

AcroSF Circus Performance
AcroSF Circus Performance
AcroSF Performance
Pier 35
8:00pm - 9:30 pm
August 4, 2018
Satisfy your desire for acro and movement entertainment with a delightful array of performing artists. Join us as we celebrate and are marveled by the best performers from San Francisco and beyond.

$10 in advance. $20 at door. If you already have an AcroSF festival ticket you don't need a performance ticket.

Run of Show
Reno and Rainbow Shimmy - Why you such a muggle?!
AcroSF Olympics (L-Base star)
Pat Underwood/ Ninja Pat - A Upon Apart
Scott Cooper & Courtney Shortney - Acro After Dark
AcroSF Olympics (Handstand)
Scott Wells
Josh Romeo & Sara Musial - Duo Romeo & Juliet
AcroSF Olympics (L-Base needle)
Charles Green & Alyssa Arroyo - Surrender

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