How to find an acro yoga partner

The most common acro yoga question we get is “Where can I find a partner?”

Let’s talk about finding an acro yoga partner. There aren’t any earth-shattering revelations, but for new folks, it will send you in the right direction.

Let’s get our terminology clear

For most moves, the person closest to the ground is the base, and furthest from the ground is the flyer

In acro yoga, many partnerships are duos. There can also be trios and groups. There are often spotters also, especially when we’re first learning a move.

Also, before we make wrong assumptions, body size matters not

It’s common for the base to be the larger of the two, but that’s not always true. It’s common for the flyer to be the smaller of the two, but that’s also not always true. A little technique can overcome a lot of gravity.

Not all bases are men, and not all flyers are women. Or any gender identification. The common term for a female base is ladybase. A not so common term for male flyer is manflyer.

Places to meet an acro yoga partner

Attend a festival. Like AcroSF or a festival near you. Festivals are a great place to meet a new partner, because there are literally hundreds of people there wanting to learn new tricks. Even if someone has a regular partner, it often helps to try a new move with a new partner.

Attend a jam. Like Liz’s in San Francisco (Monday 730-1030p at SF Tennis Club) or a jam near you. Jams are often free, and are a great place to meet new partners.

Post on Craigslist, in the “activity partners” in SF or near you. I’ve never tried this but in theory it will work, because Craigslist gets an enormous number of people looking at it. For safety, it might be a great idea to invite someone to a pubic park or public jam. See above and below.

Public parks, in San Francisco there’s a public jam every weekend mid-day at Dolores Park, and sometimes at Golden Gate Park. There’s also jams south of San Francisco, in Mountain View, ask Leyla Yong (who’s teaching at AcroSF). Acromaps is a great place to learn about public park jams.

Things to consider when finding an acro yoga partner

Acro yoga is for every body. You don’t need to have prior gymnastic experience, or be super flexible. Can’t touch your toes or do a hand stand? No big deal. Acro yoga is about finding your edge each and every day.

Body size matters not. You might think you need to be strong enough to lift people, or small enough to be lifted. This is not the case. Much of acro yoga is about bone stacking, and use of controlled momentum. Technique is more important than strength. And a little technique can overcome a lot of gravity.

Get what you need by asking for it. Acro yoga is easier if you develop an open and direct communication style. If you’re at a park, festival or jam, it’s ok to ask anyone once. Here’s a sample:

Me: Do you want to practice with me?

You: “Yes” or “No”

Me: Thank you.

Acro yoga partnerships are by default non-romantic. There’s physical touch involved with most tricks. But touching doesn’t imply romance. Acro yoga is a sport. We’re athletes. When you look for an acro yoga partner please go in with that assumption.

Please let us know what you think by contacting us. You can also join us at AcroSF, March 15-17 in San Francisco.