20 budget housing options for less than $75 per person per night within walking distance to Acro SF 2018

Are you traveling to San Francisco for Acro SF?
Want to have a weekend acro holiday in San Francisco, without breaking the bank?
There are many homes on Airbnb with flexible cancellation policies under $75 per night per person, for 2 nights (Aug 3-5), assuming you’re traveling with a buddy or can find one on our housing buddy group site (https://goo.gl/FPDXHP).
Try this airbnb search url: https://goo.gl/zrRAXW.
These homes are all walking distance to Pier 35. Some of them are walking distance through the famous Telegraph Hill. You can see wild parrots in a rain forest setting during your walk to acro. On your way to AcroSF I recommend grabbing a coffee at Caffe Trieste. This venerable local icon offers Italian coffee and is a known artist and writer haunt.