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Acroyoga Table of Elements

Acro yoga table of elements

Jason Nemer is one of the fathers of acro yoga, and recently published a periodic table of acro yoga moves. Please take a look. Here’s the source facebook post. He’s also published guiding principles which I found really interesting. Please take a look: Acrobatic Principles1. If it’s fun for both it’s right2. Handstand is the…

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AcroSF in Erika’s podcast

Erika Belanger kindly included AcroSF in a podcast wherein she sits down by acroyoga co-founder Jason Nemer. Jason shared his perspective on where acro yoga came from and where it’s headed. Listen to their podcast here.

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How to find an acro yoga partner

The most common acro yoga question we get is “Where can I find a partner?” Let’s talk about finding an acro yoga partner. There aren’t any earth-shattering revelations, but for new folks, it will send you in the right direction. Let’s get our terminology clear For most moves, the person closest to the ground is the base,…

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Updates on AcroSF 2019

Here’s our three news items from the last subscriber email, ICYMI. Balanced schedule of L-basing or standing, beginner to advanced Venue: Kezar Pavilion, next door to WholeFoods Haight-Ashbury and inside Golden Gate Park $100 less per ticket 🎟, just $199 👏 limited to 200 people (get ’em while they last) 😬 If you’d like to receive our quarterly (or so)…

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#AcroLikeSF Instagram Contest

We’re giving away AcroSF tickets in a 7 days Instagram contest. Post 7 instas doing acro poses and you’ll qualify to win ticket prizes. Contest dates May 24th to 30th. Winner announced June 1st. 3 prizes Grand prize – 2 free AcroSF tickets 2nd prize – 50%-off 2 AcroSF tickets 3rd prize – 25%-off 2…

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Acro Yoga and Movement Festivals 2018 and 2019


Complete global list of Acro Yoga and Movement Festivals 2018 and 2019. If we missed any please send an email to info at and we’ll get it added. 2018 Acro Yoga Festivals Vancouver Winter Acro Festival. February 2-4 Dutch Acro Fest. May 18-21 Philly Phlight. May 25-28 Chicago Acro Fest. June 2-3 ViveAcroYoga. Montreal.…

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Amazing facts about the venue location of Acro SF

The venue for Acro SF 2018 is Pier 35 Pier 35 is an historic waterfront location venue. Here’s a list of interesting notes about this venue location including information about the 4 separate areas most with floor to ceiling views of the ocean, central location in downtown San Francisco, the benefit of the very large…

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Acro yoga jams in San Francisco

Acro in San Francisco

Always wanted to try acro yoga in San Francisco, but aren’t sure where the best acro yoga jams in San Francisco are? Here’s where to do acro yoga in San Francisco, possibly the most vibrant acro yoga community in the world. Most of these classes and jams focus on L-basing acro yoga where the base…

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12 free housing options for Acro SF 2018

In this blog we’ll show you two tools to get free housing when you’re in town for AcroSF 2018. This is not a guarantee but I’m telling you there’s a chance. Couchsurfing is like Airbnb but for free. 12 million travelers use Couchsurfing. It’s especially popular in San Francisco because it’s based here. Based…

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The Acro SF 2018 class schedule and teacher list is now live!

Check out our teacher list and class schedule for Acro SF 2018!   50 Teachers To name just a few of the teachers: Xiaohong Weng from Nanjing Acrobatics and San Francisco Circus Center. Xiaohong will teach standing acro and handstands. Steve Smith from Ringling Brothers Circus and San Francisco Circus Center. Steve will teach Clowning…

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