Acroyoga Table of Elements

Acro yoga table of elements

Jason Nemer is one of the fathers of acro yoga, and recently published a periodic table of acro yoga moves. Please take a look. Here’s the source facebook post.

He’s also published guiding principles which I found really interesting. Please take a look:

Acrobatic Principles
1. If it’s fun for both it’s right
2. Handstand is the seed pose
3. Receptive before strong
4. Gravity is the teacher
5. Bones are stronger than muscles
6. Mind is the strongest muscle
7. Little details are not little
8. Practice all roles to increase compassion
​9. Spotters and coaches increase potential
10. Make a new mistake

Healing Principles
1. If it feels good for both its right
2. Body comfortable
3. Perfect fit
4. Gravity is the therapist— body weight versus force
5. Know thyself, True understanding
6. Being present is a gift
7. Cultivate contentment & patience
8. Love heals
9. Healing is co-created
10. Movement is life, Stagnation is death

Yogic Principles 
1. Balance & expand body, mind and spirit
2. Be compassionate to yourself and others
3. Poses should be steady and comfortable
4. Cultivate daily practices
5. Inhale, Exhale, Repeat
6. Know, cultivate and evolve who you are
7. Be humble and repeat 
8. Be flexible
9. Cultivate happiness in yourself and others. 
10. Don’t skip savasana

AcroYoga Principles
1. Strangers are friends you haven’t met yet
2. Ask for what you need
3. Community begins with three
4.Celebrate first, refine second
​5. Train smart, not hard
6. True success is when everyone wins
7. If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far go together
8. The more advanced, the more versatile
9. Fly people before you negotiate
10. Thank your spotters