Acro yoga jams in San Francisco

Acro in San Francisco

Always wanted to try acro yoga in San Francisco, but aren’t sure where the best acro yoga jams in San Francisco are?

Here’s where to do acro yoga in San Francisco, possibly the most vibrant acro yoga community in the world. Most of these classes and jams focus on L-basing acro yoga where the base lies on their back and the flyer is on the feet of the base. There’s also a little standing acro yoga with influences from cheer and Chinese acrobatics. The author has personally done all of these and can recommend them all!


Acro SF 2019 – March 15-17, 2019. San Francisco’s largest acro yoga event. 28 classes for beginner and advanced. March 15-17 at Kezar Pavilion. Tickets on sale now. Limited to 200 people. Tickets are $100 less than last year.

Free jams

Liz’s indoor Mondays jam 7-10pm jam at San Francisco Tennis Club (645 5th St). No reservations. FREE

Dolores Park outdoors every sunny weekend 12-3PM on the flat grass area near tennis courts. No reservation. FREE

Classes and open gyms

Sandi’s Sunday 5-7PM class and jam at BayJiujitsu (1628 Post St). You can reserve. $30

Gail’s Monday 8PM and Saturday 230-6PM all-levels jam at Pro Fitness (2134 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View). $5-$20

Circus Center. Intro to acrobatics class with Xiaohong Weng is the best acro and movement related introductory class (M/W 730-9PM and Sat 130-3PM). Xiaohong is also teaching at AcroSF. You can do flying trapeze at Circus Center which is a rush. You should reserve. $25

Athletic Playground (4770 San Pablo Ave, Emeryville). Daily open play and classes. You can reserve. $15

Leslie’s Friday acro yoga class 630-8PM in Mountain View. You can reserve. $30

AcroSports (639 Frederick). Daily open gym and classes. You can reserve. $35

Aerial Artique (132 9th). Thursdays and Sundays 6PM and 7PM. You can reserve. $35

If you know of other places to do acro in San Francisco, or would like your acro home listed here please let me know. I haven’t listed any of the warehouse homes with acro spaces that I know of (Dovetail, Cathedral, Langton, Embassy).