#AcroLikeSF Instagram Contest

We’re giving away AcroSF tickets in a 7 days Instagram contest.

Post 7 instas doing acro poses and you’ll qualify to win ticket prizes.

Contest dates May 24th to 30th. Winner announced June 1st.

3 prizes
Grand prize – 2 free AcroSF tickets
2nd prize – 50%-off 2 AcroSF tickets
3rd prize – 25%-off 2 AcroSF tickets

1- Use all the hashtags #acrolikesf #acrosf
2- Do all 7 posts
3- Follow and tag our judges
@acrosf @romeo_acro @sitz552 @reno.gorman @danyaxenaacroprincess @precisionacrobatics @ninja.pat @selysalove @flightschoolacro

Thursday – Bird in front of something the same color as the golden gate bridge
Friday – Some kind of standing acro in front of water that could possibly be the SF bay (could be glass of water)
Saturday – Trio of acro in a building the same color as the trio’s shirts
Sunday – Any acro in front of any team emblem that’s ever played an SF team, or is an SF sports team
Monday – Whales swim in our bay and around the pier of AcroSF. Show us your rendition of high flying whale
Tuesday – Do acro in front of the California flag, or have someone acting like a bear doing acro
Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday – do a pose you’d like to do at AcroSF

May the best monkey win! 🐒