A note from the organizers of Acro SF – Illina and Neal

Hi everyone,

We’re Neal and Illina. We love acro and movement festivals so much that we created a festival in our home city of San Francisco.

We are relatively new to acro. We started 3 years ago and have loved every day of it! Our first acro teachers were John Larkin and Leyla Yong. At Burning Man we met Adam Hiner, who was Illina’s first hand to hand and who organizes AcroLove. Around that same time we discovered Circus Center where we began training with Xiaohong Weng who has dedicated his life to the circus arts. All of these amazing teachers will be teaching at Acro SF!

We have also had the honor to train with Lu Yi, an American Circus Legend, before he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We are excited to be able to give back to the community and help out Lu Yi in his time of need. Part of every Acro SF ticket sold will go to support him.

In January, we partnered with the Port of San Francisco to host Acro SF at Pier 35. With its tall ceilings spanning across 100,000 square feet of indoor space it’s an ideal location for all of the acro tricks your heart can desire. Our vision is to create the largest acro and movement festival in the world, located on the beautiful waterfront in the heart of our beloved San Francisco.

To attract the highest calibre of teachers for Acro SF we turned to Amy Impellizzeri. She helped us hire instructors that will take your practice to the next level. As a bonus, Amy will also be teaching!

The Acro SF schedule has 40 teacher-led classes such as morning yoga with views of the bay, L-basing, therapeutics, washing machines, standing acro, cheer, choreography, clowning, juggling, handstands, tumbling, dance, stunting, how to fall safely, parkour, ninja, capoeira, and many in between.

So get ready to acro, dance, clown or whatever your heart desires at the 2018 Acro SF in beautiful San Francisco!

Illina and Neal