The Acro SF 2018 class schedule and teacher list is now live!

Check out our teacher list and class schedule for Acro SF 2018!


50 Teachers

To name just a few of the teachers:

There’s a good selection of introductory classes for beginners and advanced classes. We’ve even thought about how we can intersperse classes that give you a chance to take a physical breather, like “clowning 101” and “body maintenance”.

40 Classes

You’ll see four 1:45 (1 hour 45 minute) sessions per day with a break for lunch in the middle. There are 5 classes to choose from per session. That’s 40 teacher-led classes from the best teachers in the world.

Saturday Classes

To name some of the classes: yoga, L-base acro, standing acro, creative process, clowning, handstands, movement, stunting, choreography, parkour, capoeira, therapeutics, tumbling, cheer how to fall safely, a lot in between, and much more.

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Sunday Classes

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We are very grateful to Amy Impellizzeri for being a ray of sunshine, encouraging us to stay clam and do handstands, and for building the above incredible schedule.