12 free housing options for Acro SF 2018

In this blog we’ll show you two tools to get free housing when you’re in town for AcroSF 2018. This is not a guarantee but I’m telling you there’s a chance.


Couchsurfing is like Airbnb but for free. 12 million travelers use Couchsurfing. It’s especially popular in San Francisco because it’s based here.

Based on a search, there are 12 SF hosts that have verified their identity with couchsurfing and have logged in within the last month, and are offering a private room for free. This seems like a reasonable place to start since they’re verified and there’s a door between you, in case you or they snore.

Here’s the couchsurfing search string.

Facebook Group – AcroSF Housing and Rideshare

Want to share a house or a ride with someone in our AcroSF community? We made a housing and rideshare group to help you coordinate. You can also share pro tips on where to stay and how to get to Acro SF 2018.

Here’s the facebook group called Acro SF 2018 Housing and Rideshare.

Thanks for reading and we hope this is helpful!